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Monitorización Infraestructuras, Servicios y Negocios – Osmius

Business-Oriented Enterprise Monitoring
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Home Product Enterprise Edition

  • Systems: servers, routers, devices, networks, racks.
  • Applications: SAP, web apps, social, corporative CRM, ERPs, databases.
  • Key Performance Indicators [KPI]: business processes, HR efficiency, energy consumption.
  • SLAs: availability, response time, planned and unplanned downtimes.
  • Internet of things: stock shares, climate values, pollution values in the neighbourhood...
  • Notifications: email, SMS, third-party integration (Remedy, Jira, BMC...)



  • Prepared to monitor Everything: in addition to CPU Load and Network traffic, why don't you monitor the number of sells per hour? Or the time to upload a document to your CMS?
  • SLA management: Services, dependencies, propagation rules, capacity planning and ITIL best practices.
  • Performance: more than 60.000 events per minute. Thousands of devices (things) and millions of events.
  • Robustness: Osmius processes are prepared against connection losts or process failures resendig and restarting things after the problems solve.
  • Managed Instances: from Unix to Windows, Databases from MySQL to Oracle, Virtual Machine Engines, etc. Easy to develop new Agents.
  • Customize it!: use and integrate your own technical team scripts, add new SNPM or WMI events.
  • Integrated GIS: locate your Instances and leverage on the GIS engine capabilities.
  • Data Mining: check where the main problems are or which Service goes down the most last week, month, year.
  • Notification system: want to receive alerts into your mobile? Send alerts via e-mail, jabber or SMS to the 24×7 support team?
  • Mobile Console: check from iPhone or Android devices the real time state or the SLA Dash board.

Osmius helps you to prevent failures or SLAs breaks, to react to and to solve problems before your users call you back and to analyse data in order to detect problematic areas and to improve your business or activity.

User Defined Events

Osmius is prepared to grow based on new Agents that can be uploaded into your system using just one click from the Osmius web console. But even easier the user can define new events and reuse previous scripts or SNMP MIBs and IODs using what Osmius calls Interfaces.

  • Process and scripts executions interface.
  • SNMP protocol v1 and v2c Interface.
  • Traps: you can create new events of any type Instance and translate the traps received through Osmius SNAMPTrap Agent in them.



Osmius monitoring is based on Agents that are specialized on specific Instances like databases or web applications. This way Osmius is very easy to expand or to update.
Unlike other monitoring tool Osmius allows us choose between intrussive and non-intrussive monitoring depending on our needs or access restrictions.

  • Distributed Infrastructure with a Linux server to centralize the receipt of events and configurations, and with the possibility of deploying from 1 to N Agents (on Linux, Windows and Solaris) to monitor, depending on the topology of the network.
  • Web console to administration the distributed infrastructure.
  • Deployment and configuration of Agents from the console.
  • New Agents and Agent updates from the console.
  • Proxy Agents that allows to monitor in different subnets.
  • Robustness to recover from any failures that occur throughout all layers of its distributed architecture.
  • Memory cache systems for not lost any Osmius event.
  • Security based in users, groups of Instances and roles that grants high customizable permissions to SLAs, Services and Instances.


ITIL and SLA Management

Osmius has been designed from the very begining to provide both the technical and the business view. You can use Osmius just like a monitoring tool without “linking” specific devices with the related Service they are providing to the end user, but things are changing and knowing things like what Services are affected from a server downtime and which SLAs we have to meet to accomplish with business goals is becoming a “must”.

  • Notifications of problems in Instances, Services, SLAs, etc. to users and/or to third party software by email, SMS and any notification systems.
  • Service Schedules in which the Service must fulfill its SLA.
  • Propagation rules of the Instances availability to their Services: no propagation and group propagation.
  • Instances Dependency: an Instance can be parent of other Instances so we only need manage its problems and we can forget the problems of its children.


Data Mining

Once you can react or prevent Service and Instance failures you'll want to go the next stage: analyse historic data in order to identify hot spots and to plan actions and check their impact into the business or systems. Osmius let you to see historical data in graphicall charts and provides you with the very powerful tool of the Dashboard that you can access from both the Web or the Mobile Console.

  • Service evolution availability and state charts.
  • Instance variables: check the evolution of every data, CPU Load, temperatures, network use, etc.
  • Dashboard: identify problematic Services, non compliant SLAs, check for devices availability.
  • Reports: event distributions, Instance inventories, resource capacity planning, users activity, notifications audit, etc


Third party Integrations

  • Osmius notification system, capable of notifying to 3th Party Software about the changes in the status of the different Osmius elements, change of Service availability, the global mark of the system, etc.
  • Send tickets to HelpDesk Systems
  • Send emails, SMS or Jabber to staff or to support teams.
  • Osmius is capable of receive TRAPS from any SNMP device.
  • Connect to Osmius data using our public Web Services.

Osmius Console and usability

Osmius Console is a Web 2.0 tool that facilitates the user interaction with the different monitoring options provided by the tool.

With the Osmius Web Console you can manage the Osmius Infrastructure, start/stop Agents, deploy new ones, create proxies,… or you can define new SLAs, create new Instances, Services, etc.

Furthermore, Osmius Web Console provides you different Reports, Notification Systems (by default mail & SMS, but you can easily define a new notification channel) and a Dashboard that keep you informed at any time. This information is filtered with the user preferences, showing only the Instances, Services,… defined in the user configuration.

And of course, you can manage all this information in an easy but comprehensive management tool via your Iphone or Android mobile.

Some features you can find in the Osmius Web Console are:

  • Easy controls that provides the user the facility to choice between various options within a list, set filters, pagination,…
  • Interactive graphics: you can zoom in a range, click on zones to active master/detail graphs,…
  • Message Board Panel that enables the reporting of news, new versions, bug fixes... to the user in an easy way.
  • Context Menus: click the right button of your mouse and discover all the functionalities associated to the current object.
  • Aggrupations: for environments with massive infrastructure provide the ability to create groups of Services.
  • Tag Instances: add the possibility to tag Instances (with one or more labels) so that Instances can be filtered by these labels.
  • User Defined Events: allow the ability of create new events via an Script or SNMP.
  • User Defined Traps Events: this offers the possibility to create events in Osmius that arise through one or more SNMP traps.
  • Web Services: Osmius Web Console provides an API to query events, Instances, Services, … through SOAP messages.