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Osmius IPMI Agent
Agent Name: osm_ag_IPMIGET1 Agent Code: IPMIGET1
Contenido: Osmius IPMI Agent user manual
Creation Date: 29/06/2009 Revision Date: -/-/-

General Information

This agent can monitor various parameters of the state of a system through the IPMI protocol. This protocol “talks” with the hardware of the machine, particularly with the Baseboard Management Controller (BMC), thus enabling us to monitor various parameters of the hardware (temperatures processors, motherboard, etc.. Powers of the transformers. Speed fans, etc.).

The IPMIGET1 agent picks up different types of events:

  • Information Events: They are associated with the “instance” and provide us listings of the Sensor Data Repository (SDR), Replace Fields Units (FRU) and various characteristics of the IPMI hardware installed.
  • State Events: If the system is on or off, when lit one last time and why, and so on.
  • User Events: They can get the current values of the system sensors.

All these events are based on queries via an IPMI LAN interface or through a direct interface with the operating system. The agent checks the information returned by the server and prepares a response.

IPMI Instance

As a general rule each Osmius agent can monitor one type of instance. If you don't know these concepts you can consult here glossary and here Instance Management


The connection_info is the connection information that the agent needs has to know to connect to the instance.

In the case of Osmius IPMIGET1 agent the data would be as follows:

CONNECTION_INFO = -i interface [-h node_name] [-p port] [-u user_name] [-w password]

Where we will replace:

  • interface:
    open (System OpenIPMI Interface)
    imb (Intel IMB Interface)
    lan (IPMI v1.5 LAN Interface)
    lanplus (IPMI v2.0 RMCP+ LAN Interface)
  • node_name: Host to monitoring. (optional)
  • port: UDP port where the host received remote IPMI queries (optional)
  • user_name. user (optional)
  • password. password. (optional)


CONECTION_INFO = -i lan -h

WARNING: If you don't specify a node_name he interface has to be “local”. If you don't specify port the agent will use the IPMI's default port (UDP 623).


Every Instance that can be monitored has a type associated that enables us to classify it and differentiate the capacities amongst the different types instance's type.

In the IPMI Agent:


IPMI Events Abstract

Here is briefly the capabilities of this agent, further down on this page we will describe each of the events in more detail.

EVENT DESCRIPTION c w a tseconds Extra Parameters / Observations
PMPOWERS Power Status 1 0 0 300
PMUPTIME Chassis UPTIME 1 500 300 300
PMSDRVL? SDR value 0 1 1 3600 [-D “sdr name”]

Information Events

Information events (Info Events) retrieve generic information the instance that does not usually change over time. They don't have criticity. They provide details of the instance.

EVENT DESCRIPTION tseconds Observations
PMINFBMC Information of Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) 86400 (1day) The IPMI Agent execute “ipmitool bmc info”
PMINFBME BMC getenables 86400 (1day) The IPMI Agent execute “ipmitool bmc getenables”
PMINFSDR listing of the Sensor Data Repository (SDR) 86400 (1day) The IPMI Agent execute “ipmitool sdr list all”
PMINFFRU listing of the Field Replaceable Units (FRU) 86400 (1day) The IPMI Agent execute “ipmitool fru”

IPMI Events


PMPOWERS returns whether the computer is on or off. It execute the command “ipmitool chassis power status” and analyzes the results

Extra parameters:

Return Values:

-1 Error
0 Computer Shutdown
1 Computer Power

Recommended parameters:

Type of comparison Reverse. (-c 1)
Monitoring interval 300 s
Warning Threshold 0
Alarm Threshold 0


PMPOWERS = -t 300 -c 1 -w 0 -a 0 -T ""



PMUPTIME returns the number of seconds it takes on the computer. It execute “ipmitool chassis poh; ipmitool chassis restart_cause” and analyzes the results.

Extra parameters:

Return Values:

-1 Error
X Number of seconds

Recommended parameters:

Type of comparison Reverse. (-c 1)
Monitoring interval 300 s
Warning Threshold 500
Alarm Threshold 300


PMUPTIME = -t 300 -c 1 -w 500 -a 300 -T ""



PMSDRVL? returns the value of a given sensor “sdr_name”. It execute “ipmitool sdr list all | grep “sdr name”” and analyzes the results.

Extra parameters:

Return Values:

-1 Error
X Current Sensor value

Recommended parameters:

Depends of the sensor.

Ejemplo de parametrización:

Depends of the sensor.


Standalone execution

Like other Osmius agents, IPMI allows the execution in standalone mode. You have to add in cfg/osm_ag_IPMIGET1.ini configuration file:

SNDCMD = $OSM_ROOT\user\scripts\osm_send_cmd.bat (Windows)
SNDCMD =$OSM_ROOT\user\scripts\ (Unix-like)

And execute IPMI Agent as follows:

osm_ag_IPMIGET1[.exe] -c osm_ag_IPMIGET1.ini -m 00000000 -p 0 -d
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